We install Solar generation, electricity storage,

and Energy Management Systems on Residential &

Commercial Properties and Public Sector buildings.

As well as saving our customers thousands

on their annual energy bills, all these

activities have a direct impact on

reducing CO₂ emissions for years to come.

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Urban air pollution is choking our towns and cities

and slowly killing us. Academics, experts,

politicians and the press are all telling us about the causes

and consequences of urban air pollution, but no one

seems to be doing anything about it. We are.

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In May 2017, the Government announced its long awaited plan to tackle pollution. Called the Clean Air Zones Framework, this requires Local Authorities to set up clean air zones and charge motorists for entry. Put bluntly, this is just another cynical way to fleece the long suffering motorist and raise £millions for cash strapped Councils. Read More…

Clean Air Zones Framework
Principles for setting up Clean Air Zones
May 2017