Whether you are a small commercial organization or a multi-site corporation, having real time insights and analysis into your energy consumption is likely to lead to significant energy savings and behavioral changes. Unfortunately few organisations have access to energy consumption data and analytics.

Flexible Reporting
Energy Manager provides instant access to high level and detailed building performance. Web reports can be dynamically generated and shared as PDF reports or CSV files. All stakeholders (FM, Finance, Maintenance etc) can create bespoke reports to suit their needs.

Advance analytics
The system provides highly granular analysis of consumption data at building, subsite and submeter level. This includes resource, cost and carbon footprint views as well as overlays of degree day data and environmental metrics.

Project tracking
Energy Manager allows you to track resource efficiency, measure results and financial returns on Investment. (ROI). The system can automatically determine the expected project impact and calculate cost savings.

Alarms Module enables you to configure alarms to be automatically alerted to any anomalies in energy data. The system provides a number of different alarm types which can be set up on a per meter basis.

Bill verification
Accurate utility billing has long been a concern for energy consumers. Now you can check if your utility bills are accurate. Energy Manager can provide accurate billing data enabling you to challenge utilities.

Contracts & tariffs
Check and ensure you are on the best tariff. Contract and tariff information can be stored and applied to relevant meter points. Tariff detail can be defined down to a 15 minute change in rates and include unit and fixed charges.

The system can provide automatic calculation of building and subsite level benchmarks and comparison against similar sites in own portfolio, national standards, the Energy Manager database or custom user groups.

Tennant billing
Tenant billing module can generate bills for building tenants based on an accurate record of their energy usage. You can store and manage contract information and apply it to the relevant tenants across one or more sites.

The Standard Access plan provides advanced features including access to Analytics, Reporting, Project Management and one-click GRESB reporting. You can assign different access levels and sites to users in your organisation and beyond. Standard Access starts at £500/month and provides you with the full core Energy Manager functionality. Pricing for automatic data feeds starts at £5/month.