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Pollution Problem

According to the World Health Organisation, 90% of all city dwellers breathe polluted air every day. Our solution is to clean pollution hotspots – highly polluted areas with high people density and high dwell time. So CityTrees are being installed to create “Clean air zones” for cyclists, shoppers, commuters and children.

In only the last few months the government has introduced a Clean Air Zones Framework, produced a Draft Air Quality Strategy and a Plan for Tackling Roadside Nitrogen Dioxide Concentrations. In terms of investment, on 26th July 2017 the Government announced an additional £255 million to implement the plans, in addition to the £2.7 billion they are already investing to clean up the air and reduce vehicle emissions. This is all very positive and in due course will have a significant impact on reducing air pollution.

But we need action now…

Pollution Map London, England
Pollution Map London, England
London CityTree in Piccadilly Circus
London CityTree in Piccadilly Circus Sponsored by The Crown Estate and Westminster City Council

The Solution is CityTree

It is impossible to clean up air pollution in an entire city. Our focus is to create “clean air zones”.

  • CityTree offers a unique combination of Biotechnology and IoT technology
  • One CityTree has the air cleaning power of 275 urban trees.
  • Now you can have an entire forest on 3.5 m²

CityTrees have been installed outside schools, inside train stations, in front of offices, shops and malls. CityTrees are now operating successfully in several major European cities – and have the potential to become a significant fixture in the urban landscape of the 21st century.

NOTE: Bio-tech filter performance is dependent on climate conditions and location of the unit. Results will vary depending on wind speed/direction, temperature, humidity and pollution levels.

Evergen Systems are the licenced UK provider for CityTree.

The CityTree Product
CityTree Service Monitor
CityTree Service Monitor
CityTree Technology

CityTree Technology

A unique combination of Biotechnology and IoT technology, the City Tree is not only beautiful to look at but is a powerful biofilter removing harmful air pollutants and CO₂. The City Tree has integrated sensors which wirelessly upload data on the health of the tree and the pollution levels surrounding it. This data can then be analysed with datasets of other City Trees in similar environments to help optimise each City Tree.

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Evergen Clean Air

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London's first #CityTree at Glasshouse Street... Brilliant initiative @TheCrownEstate @GreenCitySol @EvergenCleanAir @OpenCityorg #greenskythinking2018


Urgently needed on the Marylebone Road, Seymour Place & surrounding roads.

First smart CityTree in #London. This hight tech green #Bench is solar powered, Wi-Fi connected, collects water & data and maintains itself #SmartCities #AirPollution @EvergenCleanAir

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