How it works

A rooftop solar system consists of solar panels installed on the roof. Inverters (which convert the DC electricity to AC) can be sited in any area with adequate ventilation and easy access for servicing and maintenance. A generation meter and export meter which are connected to your main distribution board.

We normally install web connected Inverters as these can provide real time data on amount of electricity being generated. This information can be available to you via a weblink.

Since the Government’s Feed In Tariff (Fi) was introduced in 2010, there has been an explosion in rooftop solar installations. As the FiT has been reduced, so the cost of solar has come down. Even today the financial returns from a Solar investment can be as much as 20%, meaning a payback of around five years.

Solar is a ‘fit and forget’ technology’, so once it’s installed there is virtually no maintenance required. Solar panels come with a 25 year performance warranty.

We have installed Solar systems on warehouses, hotels, Nursing homes and Public Sector buildings such as schools and Council offices. With this vast experience of installing on many different types of roofs and in highly challenging environments such as schools, Evergen has become one of the most competent Solar engineering companies in the UK.