CityTree could save thousands of lives

CityTree in London Piccadilly Circus

London recently welcomed its first CityTree, a pioneering piece of innovation set to clean up the city’s air. It’s no secret we live in a busy world, but our increasing demands on the environment are causing dangerous levels of pollution. And, with the human race so deeply connected with technology, we are becoming increasingly disconnected with the environment. This shift in lifestyle is having a huge effect on our health and well being, but there is a solution.

Evergen and Green City Solutions have joined forces to tackle the monumental task of purifying air in polluted areas. Together, a solution has been created that not only connects us back with the environment, but will also help to save lives right now.

What is the CityTree and who is behind the innovation?

The CityTree is the world’s first outdoor ‘green’ living wall, developed by experts at Green City Solutions. It has a plant-based filter that helps cool the surrounding air by water evaporation, creating a space-saving way of combating air pollution. It helps to improve air quality by combining the natural abilities of air-purifying plants and mosses with cutting-edge technology. Furthermore, the CityTree comes with a dashboard that provides environmental data and performance in real time, so results can be tracked from day one.

The CityTree has the air purifying capability of 275 natural trees and can reduce harmful pollutants by up to 30%

The CityTree is not only a space saving air purifier, it also acts as a low maintenance form of noise control with integrated seating for a stunning addition to any urban landscape. Built-in watering and Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring, means it is largely self-sustainable.

On a single square metre, the CityTree provides a home for 1682 plants, ideal for cities that are lacking space

Clean air in every city

Evergen are leaders in the energy and environment industry and have a focus to create ‘clean air zones’ within every city nationwide. As industry experts, Evergen are the ONLY licensed UK providers for CityTree.

The Crown Estate in Piccadilly and Westminster City Council are trialling the moss-covered technology on Glasshouse Street to measure the impact it has on local air pollution levels. It has already far exceeded expectations, and has received extremely positive feedback from locals.

The CityTree not only cleans the air, it also occupies just 1% of the space that would be needed using real trees

Now, any city can have an entire forest on 3.5m2. The CityTree can be installed outside schools, inside train stations, in front of offices, shops and malls. CityTrees are now operating successfully in several major European cities and have the potential to become a significant fixture in the urban landscape of the 21st century.

We believe every city should have a green environment instead of grey surroundings. Put simply, it’s the most cost effective, low maintenance and space saving solution to air pollution and noise control in cities.

Contact us today and see how Evergen can help improve your city and save lives.

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