Step 1 Analyse
One of our energy advisors will meet you to discuss your energy strategy and analyse your energy consumption. We will demonstrate how the Evergen Energy Manager can provide you with detailed analytics of your energy consumption at any time of any day. We can also show you comparisons and benchmarks to see where significant energy savings could be made. This is free and without obligation
Based on this analysis we will provide you with a quote for installing the Energy Manager.

Step 2 Audit
To get an accurate analysis of your energy consumption we install sensors and data loggers – these will not affect or interface with any of your existing systems. These will start transmitting energy data from a number of data points and upload it to our energy manager software. We analyse this data and make it available to all stakeholders in your organization, via a web interface. Now you have real time information on where your energy is flowing at any time of any day.
We will provide training on the use of the energy manager software and show you how to create reports, graphs and compare your energy with other similar buildings or benchmarks.

Step 3 Consult
This is the phase where we start to pinpoint the problem areas. During the consultation phase we will work in conjunction with your FM, maintenance teams and other stakeholders to develop a program for fixing the problems. This may involve service or refurbishment of existing systems or replacement of old and inefficient equipment.

Step 4 Implement
Depending on budgets and other factors the implementation could be phased over a number of months or even years. Replacing equipment maybe subject to capex or other timelines and will be entirely your decision.

Step 5 – Keep track
Whilst the consultation and implementation are on-going, the Energy Manager will be gathering a growing volume of valuable data and providing you insights and analysis of your building’s energy usage. You now have the data to ensure your building’s systems are running efficiently and energy is not being wasted. Energy Manager can also provide information to validate your utility bills, which have been known to have inaccuracies.

Ready to start saving?
Research shows that most organisations can make savings of 15-25%, if they have the right data.