1. One of our Solar surveyors will visit the site to carry out a roof and electrical survey and discuss your electricity consumption and future power requirements. We will then use this data to design a solar system to ensure maximum utilization of your roof space and to meet your energy needs. Based on this we will provide a quote for the cost of the system along with financial returns and CO₂ savings.

2. Once you are ready to go ahead we will meet you to sign the installation contracts and also to discuss the installation process. A rooftop solar installation will require access equipment such as scaffolding and also powered access to get the solar equipment onto the roof. So we will need to discuss site access, storage and connection to your electrical system.

3. We will then arrange further surveys including a roof structural survey and EPC survey. These are now requirements for all rooftop solar installations. At this time we will also apply for DNO consent to connect the solar generator to the electricity grid.

4. Once we have DNO consent we will arrange an installation date and discuss any final details or changes. All the equipment will be ordered for delivery to site.

5. The solar will be installed as per the contract and we will connect the system to your electricity supply and commission the system. You will then be able to apply for the FiT payments.