Why monitor

In a typical commercial building, boilers, chillers and blowers can be triggered to run by any one of a huge number of devices which are programmed to come on and go off based on a number of factors such as temperature, time or demand. However, any one of these components can fail or malfunction. Without thorough investigation, these failures are extremely difficult to detect. Left unchecked these could result in huge amounts of energy being wasted as well as creating an uncomfortable environment for the building’s occupants.

Evergen Energy Manager puts you in control by providing the data you need to see when and where your energy is being consumed. The software provides real time analytics of your building’s energy consumption, allowing you to compare with past data or other similar buildings and benchmarks.

Suddenly all stakeholders have instant information to check consumption, look at areas for improvement or forward plan energy requirements.
According to the Carbon Trust, companies that participated in the ESOS audits, were able to identify average energy cost savings of 23%.