Why Solar

Every year the sun provides 8000 times more energy than we consume worldwide. In just one minute, the energy that the sun produces, if harnessed correctly, could power every country in the world for a whole year. And with the Government’s financial incentives (see below), there has never been a better time to invest in a Solar electric system. Installing a Solar electric system is-

Simple Provided the work is undertaken by an accredited installer, a rooftop Solar system is relatively simple to install, requires no additional space and in most cases does not even require any planning consent.

Reliable Amongst all the renewable energy systems, Solar PV is the only true ‘fit and forget’ technology and requires practically no servicing or maintenance. Solar panels have been around for over 50 years, and a solar system has no moving parts.

Predictable There is sufficient historical data available to predict how much daylight will fall on a particular postcode area of Britain. With the Government accepted SAP methodology, we can calculate how much electricity a Solar system will generate in a year and how this translates into savings and income for you.