Why storage

Whether you are looking to store excess solar electricity or cheap off peak energy, Power Storage is now becoming a ‘must have’ addition to solar systems.
In the last decade, Britain has closed more power stations than built new ones. Experts predict that the ‘power margin’ (difference between peak demand and supply) is currently just 2%. Some say that power blackouts are inevitable. This has accelerated the demand for Power Storage systems.

As Solar PV systems generate during the day, up to 80% of the electricity produced may be exported back into the grid. Given that energy prices have risen by almost 300% since 2002, the most practical solution is to harness the full benefit of your Solar PV system by storing the unused power into batteries.

During daylight hours, your battery system will store all surplus and unused energy. This surplus will then be discharged from the battery system on demand, giving free power to your home round the clock.
So whether you buy your electricity from the grid or generate your own, installing a power storage system will give you peace of mind.