Systems for cleaning polluted air

We provide solutions to reduce peoples overall exposure to air pollution.

Introducing City Tree

The world’s first bio-tech filter to improve outside air quality

Creators of ‘CleanAireZone’

The World’s first outdoor air cleaning solution certified by National Physical Laboratory

Evergen Systems

The first company to offer a complete solution for tackling air pollution –

both indoors and out.

Evergen is the only company able to offer a full indoor and outdoor solution for tackling air pollution.

Our systems are designed to reduce people’s exposure to air pollution by up to 98%.

Reducing overall exposure to air pollution

Rather than pretend we can solve the problem of air pollution completely, we design bespoke air purification systems that reduce people’s overall exposure to poor air.

We do this by monitoring the spaces that are most occupied by people – where they work, walk or wait, for example – and then create microenvironments of pure air for them to breathe.

Seven million lives in danger

According to the World Health Organisation, polluted air puts over seven million lives in danger every year. Its effects are linked to a third of deaths from stroke, lung cancer, and heart disease. 

The problem is that efforts made by governments to reduce CO2 emissions from traffic aren’t enough to stop the problem alone. This is because the vast majority of harmful particles and pollutants actually blow into our urban areas from overseas.


Evergen is tackling the problem

Creating systems that remove harmful particles and pollutants out of the air is the only way to protect us from the effects of air pollution. Evergen is the only company that is coming up with working solutions to the problem of air pollution – both indoors and out.  

Systems for cleaning indoor air

When we think of air pollution, most of us think about the pollution outside of our homes, schools and places of work.

Yet, our homes and places of work all contain the same air as that from outside – and in the UK, we spend most of our lives indoors.

This means that if we want to make a significant contribution to our health, we should first turn our attention to cleaning our indoor air.

Free standing and integrated air purifying systems

At Evergen, we offer a range of free-standing and integrated indoor air purifying systems, all of which use our patented PureAire technology.

PureAire technology makes Evergen systems different from any others on the market because it uses ionisers rather than fabric filters to filter out the pollutants.

Benefits of PureAire technology:

  • Peak performance always

Our ionisers do not have to work harder when they have been running for any amount of time, unlike with traditional filter systems. They in turn use less power.

  • No waste.

With Evergen air purifiers, you will be doing more than your bit for the environment. Simply remove and wash the removable ioniser rather than replace a fabric filter alternative.   

  • Reduce cost.

Purchasing the filters you need with traditional air filtration systems adds up over time. You can avoid the ongoing cost of buying consumables with Evergen systems.

Systems for cleaning outdoor air

Our air is a shared resource, but mankind has been using it as a dumping ground for our pollution.

Even though the polluters are themselves being polluted, little action is being taken to clean up the air or hold the polluters to account.

Thankfully, Evergen is one company that is doing something about it.

Through ground-breaking innovation, we can install and build outdoor air-purification systems to create microenvironments of up to 98% clean air. We create these systems wherever people are most likely to walk, wait or linger, thus greatly reducing their overall exposure to pollution.

CleanAir Zone

We work with governments, authorities and commercial sponsors to integrate our PureAire technology into street furniture like bus shelters, pedestrianised areas and school playgrounds.

In tests, the National Physical Laboratory certified our ‘CleanAirZones’ can provide 80% clean air at 20m and is even effective up to 80m.

Clean outdoor air at 20m

No other air cleaning system has ever come close to this, so if you want to know more about how Evergen can create a CleanAirZone for your corporate responsibility scheme; or if you are a headmaster at an inner-city school, for instance, then get in touch with us today.

Alternatively, read about our recent projects; or visit our technology page for more information.

City Tree

Imagine having a whole forest on every street! With CityTree, Evergen turns this vision into a living reality.

CityTree is a free-standing outdoor air cleaning system that uses the power of biotechnology to emulate the pollution-reduction benefits of 275 urban trees.

Find out more about our recent City Tree installation in Piccadilly Circus and about this revolutionary system that promises to improve the health of our cities.

How we work

From consultancy to installation; we can improve your environment and the health of your constituents, employees and students through giving them back what’s rightfully theirs: Clean air to breathe.


Evergen undertakes a full survey to monitor indoor and outdoor air quality at the site. 3D air flow data and CFD modelling is used to see how pollution flows through the building.


We then analyse data to diagnose where the main sources of pollution are coming from and the type of pollution that is causing concern, before designing the right system or solution.


From installing free-standing in room air cleaner inside buildings to creating CleanAirZone in outside areas, we will take care of the necessary works required to create a pollution–free zone at your site. 

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