We are a clean technology business

What We Do

Since 2016 Evergen has been developing new and innovative technologies to improve air hygiene. Working with World Class Universities, technical institutes and our Partners we offer a range of solutions for cleaning indoor and outdoor air pollution and for destroying airborne bacteria and viruses. Our solutions have been tested and Certified at the highest level including by the National Physical Laboratory – the apex worldwide measurements and standards institute.

Today Evergen’s systems are providing clean and safe environments in hospitals and healthcare facilities, schools, hotels, offices, homes and Government buildings. And as we continue to innovate, we will be launching new solutions to make our environments even safer. 

Evergen – Solutions for a Healthier Planet.  

Proven and Certified Solutions for improving air hygiene and virus prevention

Global Agile Solutions

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Public & Private Healthcare

Carbon Neutral Strategies

Our Manifesto

The Corona Virus outbreak has taught us the critical importance of air hygiene.  From tackling air quality, fighting for better housing conditions, and making sure the food we eat is safe, environmental health issues and technologies are a vital element in our society. Building on our science and innovation,  Evergen Systems strive to improve our environment and our health. This manifesto for Evergen Systems is driving evolution & prevention of viruses, infection and pollution covering housing, food safety, environmental protection, health and safety at work and public health. We want to see government, council, stakeholders and commercial sectors commit to supporting environmental safety and hygiene.

Leadership Team

Sukhbir Singh

Founder & CEO

Ricky Singh

Managing Director


Evergen Systems works with government, universities, private sector, science labs & NGOs to improve the world health system & push the boundaries of air hygiene & virus prevention technologies.

Air Hygiene: it's in our DNA.

It was the motivation behind our directors passion to build this business. As we grow, it drives us; not just in our inventions.

Evergen - UK & India

We are proud to have operational global HQs in London & India.