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Poor air quality is an immense problem for everyone – especially our children. As a way of giving children back the clean air the they rightfully deserve Evergen has launched “Clean Air for Kids”.

About Clean Air for Kids Programme

Clean Air for Kids is a programme that aims to help schools raise the money they need to install Evergen air purification systems that will clean air for kids to breathe during their time at study and play.

The initiative is designed to bring everyone together including school governors, teachers, parents, local businesses, communities and corporations – as well as the schools kids themselves.

By putting potential benefactors in touch with schools that are looking to raise money Evergen is working with school stakeholders to reduce children’s exposure to polluted air.

According to the World Health Organisation 92% of city dwellers breathe polluted air everyday. This affects our health and well-being and the most vulnerable people in our society – like the young and the old – are most at risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Children spend up to eight hours per day indoors. Evergen provides the solutions that improve indoor air quality by over 95%.

However, Evergen technology also goes a step further. It has developed and tested outdoor ‘CleanAirZones’ for playgrounds.

How does this work?

We all know that cleaning vast expanses of outdoor air is impossible.

So, instead of taking on the unthinkable, we provide the services and systems required to create ‘microenvironments’ of clean air.

Our systems can clean air in classrooms, communal areas and even in the school yard, giving children even in inner-city areas the clean air they rightfully deserve.

Despite the fact that all schools want to give children clean air, they are often unable to meet the costs of installing the equipment they need.

This is where Evergen wants to help.

Without Government grants or funding available, Evergen is reaching out to small business owners, PR professionals and corporate social responsibility managers to encourage them to make a donation.

By helping them raise the funds they need, Evergen wants to make it easier for schools to invest in the air purification systems they require.

If you’re a head teacher that would like to provide your pupils with clean air to breathe during their time in your care, then simply click on the button below, fill out the online form and register your interest.

Register My School

Once we know you are interested in cleaning the air at your school, we will be in touch to arrange a date for one of our specialist engineers to pay a visit to your  premises at a time that suits you. 

We will then monitor the air quality both inside and outside of the building, set up a test environment and run a trial that will provide you with ‘before and after’ data from an independent provider to demonstrate exactly what fantastic results can be achieved.

This service is provided free of charge.

Evergen will then work with you and the school’s stakeholders to scope out your air purification project.

Anyone or any company that is eager to get involved in the Clean Air for Kids campaign can donate. If you want to either nominate a school or find out who is currently fundraising for clean air, please just click on the button below and we will put you in touch with a school that is registered with us and is actively seeking donations.

Help Me Donate

If you have any questions then please drop us a line. We are keen to act as transparently as possible and would love to talk.  

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Every reason to get involved

Whether you’re a head teacher interested in becoming a ‘Clean Air School’ – or if you are a parent, community member, business owner or a corporate social responsibility professional that’d like to make a donation to the most worthy of causes – please get involved and join our crusade for clean air today!


*Evergen is a profit making company. All donations made go directly to the school. All commercial decisions are made independently by the school. 

All air monitoring is certified and verified by independent bodies.

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