Evergen Clean Air is working on a ‘Clean Air for Kids’ scheme that will see numerous school children benefiting from breathing in clean air during their time at study and play.

The company has already started working with the head of St Peters in Belgravia, London, where it has been continuously monitoring the extent of the schools’ air pollution problem. The project will culminate in the installation of Evergen’s ‘PureAire System’ technology in the school hall, which will significantly improve air quality in the communal space.

Monitoring is also underway at Bennet Court Community Playgroup in Holloway and will commence at other London schools in the coming weeks.

Tackling particulate matter indoors and out

Evergen takes a holistic approach to tackling air pollution, which involves a ‘monitor, diagnose, clean’ approach to treating air pollution.

First, the company conducts a survey to analyse pollution levels and entry points where external air comes in.

It analyses the airflow both inside and outside of the building and uses the data to establish the exact requirements for cleaning air. Following this, work can begin to install the units and systems necessary to remove the particulate matter and gases that affect air quality.

Ground breaking technology

As well as treating indoor air with either stand alone or wall-mounted units, Evergen is able to design and build bespoke systems using PureAire technology that clean outside air – in places where children, staff and parents are likely to spend most time.

Creating microenvironments of clean air

Evergen’s focus when cleaning outdoor air is to create ‘microenvironments’ of clean air where people sit, wait or walk. This could be in the playground, for instance, or where parents wait to collect their children at the end of the school day.

Evergen’s PureAire System is the only technology that has been tested and certified to successfully clean outdoor air, following a successful pilot project in Delhi, India – which is the world’s most polluted city. The project saw Evergen successfully applying PureAire System technology to create a ‘CleanAirZone’ which provided 80% of the air at up to 20m.

Future plans

Evergen is pleased to be working with London-based schools as they begin their quest for clean air. The company plans to roll out is Clean Air for Kids initiative on a broader scale, which would see the company helping numerous schools provide clean air for children, staff and parents to breathe.

Join the crusade

If you are a parent, teacher or head teacher that is interesting in joining the crusade for clean air at your school, then please register your interest by contacting Evergen today.

Call 01628 439 556.