Evergen has created the world’s first outdoor clean air zone in Delhi.

Partnering with world class universities, the environmental innovation company has built a revolutionary new system for cleaning outdoor air which achieved 80% clean air up to 20m from the point of filtration.

High population, high pollution

Delhi is one of India’s most populated cities in the world. It has almost 19 million people in an area of just 1,484 square kilometres. As a result, it is also one of the most polluted cities in the world.

The air quality is regularly twelve times above the global recommended level.

These incredibly high levels of pollution can cause reduced visibility, the inability to breathe properly and a wide range of health issues including respiratory disorders and cancer.

High pollution zones such as those found in Delhi and other areas of the world where pollution levels are highest, are known to shorten the expected lifespans of the people and animals in those areas.

Each year, more than 1.5 million people in India die prematurely from pollution related illnesses.

The World’s First Outdoor Clean Air Zone in Delhi

While India’s Central Pollution Control Board is creating new anti-pollution regulations, many fear that it is not enough. As a result, many officials are open to the idea of looking to third-party companies to create a solution.

Evergen is one such company that is working increasingly closely with India’s Central and State Government and is devoted to tackling the problem of air pollution.

In 2016 the company began working on solutions for removing airborne pollutants and gases as a way of improving air quality.

PureAire System

Evergen’s ‘CleanAirZone’

The company set out to do what most said was impossible: Clean the polluted air outside. However, it is of course impossible to clean the entire air mass of a city so, Evergen focused on reducing people’s exposure to polluted air. With the help of some of the world’s best environmental engineers, they did just that.

It developed its PureAire system, which can be integrated into new and existing street furniture and city infrastructure to clean air both indoors and out.

Active Ionisation to purify air

PureAire System incorporates patented ‘FE System’ technology. This technology is unlike traditional filters on the market which use a media filter such as HEPA to absorb pollutant particles. Unlike HESA filter systems, FE System technology relies on a process called ‘active ionisation’ to purify the air.

Active ionisation works by moving air through an electro-static purifier. Particles in the air pass through an ‘ionisation field’ which applies an electric charge to the atoms in the particles, so they effectively become magnetic.

These magnetised particles then become ‘trapped’ by a magnetic ‘capture field’ and separated out of the air so that clean, pure air can be expelled back into the atmosphere.

The first system for cleaning outdoor air

Because of its high efficiency and almost zero maintenance, Evergen’s PureAire technology can be installed outside and be incorporated into street furniture and infrastructure – bus shelters for instance, barriers or walls.

PureAir technology can be installed in street furniture and in bus-stops.

So, rather than claim to clean the entire air mass of a city or large area, Evergen focuses on creating “CleanAirZones” where people typically walk, sit or wait.

Independently tested, validated and certified

Does all this sound too good to be true? After all, anyone can say that their technology cleans pollutants from the air.

However, at the moment Evergen is the only company that can back up what it claims. Evergen’s PureAire technology has been independently tested, validated and certified by the National Physical Laboratory, the apex measurements and standards authority.

Every CleanAirZone that uses PureAire System technology is accredited to ISO16890 standards.

With the success of Evergen’s PureAire System technology, the company is concentrating on creating other solutions that could help provide cleaner, healthier air for some of the world’s most polluted cities.

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