“Gett and Evergen join forces to provide funding for a ‘Monolite 510’ air purification system at Bennett Court Community Playgroup.”

Picture shows left to Right: John De Pree, marketing director, Gett / Helena Farstad, parent and treasurer, Bennet Court management committee / Sukhbir Sidhu, director, Evergen.


Bennett Court Community Playgroup, North London, has just got its funding confirmed for an air purification system that will transform the indoor air quality for up to 25 pre-school age children.

The installation of a ‘Monolite 510’ air purification unit has been made possible by ride-hailing app Gett and environmental innovation company Evergen. The system will be installed in the main room before the end of September – an area used by all of the children during their time at Bennett Court.

Impacting health

Helena Farstad, parent and treasurer on the Bennet Court management committee, says: “We are located just in from the Seven Sisters Road and Holloway Road – the two most polluting roads in North London.

“This area sees illegal levels of NO2 and PM2.5 and 10 every day and this exposes children who live nearby and attend the playgroup to levels of pollution that could impact their health for life. We wanted to do something to help reduce our children’s exposure to dirty air it if only for a few hours every day.”

Company collaboration

The playgroup had its air monitored both inside and out using sophisticated EarthSense air monitoring equipment provided by Evergen.

• Picture shows the Evergen Monolite 510 unit installed at Bennett Court Community Playgroup, North London.

The data collected shows that air quality is at its poorest between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. when particulate matter 2.5 (PM2.5) air pollution levels peaked at 156 micrograms per cubic meter. This happens to be when playgroup is at its busiest.

Not an unusual story

Sukhbir Sidhu, director of Evergen, says: “Unfortunately, the pollution levels measured at Bennett Court Community Playgroup and St Peters are not unusual in inner-city areas. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 92% of city dwellers breathe polluted air every day.

“As we gain more awareness into the scale of the air pollution problem, Evergen is dedicated to working with nurseries and schools like Bennett Court to provide the systems they need to significantly improve air quality by offering air monitoring, system design and delivery for free.

We’re calling out to other businesses – especially those in construction, transport and catering – to contribute directly to schools that are looking to raise money for the air purification equipment they need.”

Investing in schemes

John De Pree, Gett’s marketing director says: “The quality of the air our children breathe is of significant concern at this vulnerable stage of their lives and that’s why we’re investing in schemes that actively clean the air today. We’re delighted that this initiative is producing such fantastic results.

“I’d like to thank all our customers who choose to donate 20p when hailing a Black Cab via our app, which helps fund these important initiatives. Now that we have proof that these innovative units can make such a difference to air quality, everyone at Gett is looking forward to rolling this out to more and more schools and making a difference to kids as they study and play.”

Uplifting results

The Bennett Court project follows in the footsteps of a similar Gett/Evergen funded project that saw the installation of similar Monolite 510 systems in St Peter’s School, Victoria.

Within a week of using the systems, the air monitoring sensor at St Peter’s provided the following data:

NO₂ (WHO safe limit = 40µg/m³)

  • Pre-installation peak = 47.1µg/m³
  • Post-installation peak = 32.1µg/m³

PM2.5 (WHO safe limit = 10µg/m³)

  • Pre-installation peak = 98µg/m³
  • Post-installation peak = 11µg/m³

 Miles Ridley, head teacher at St Peter’s says:This technology could not have come soon enough, and I’m delighted to see it making such a measurable difference to the air quality in the school.”

How to donate

Business owners or corporate social responsibility professionals keen to reverse the negative health effects of air pollution can find out more about how to donate to a school looking to raise money for air purification systems via  Evergen’s ‘Clean Air for Kids’ page. https://evergensystems.com/clean-air-for-kids/ or by emailing Helen Bailey at helen@evergensystems.com .


 About Bennett Court Playgroup:

Bennett Court Community Playgroup is a playgroup for 2 – 5 year old children and is run by Caroline Connaughton in the borough of Islington, North London. It is a registered charity and is located within what used to be the Bennett Court Social Club, in Holloway. The management committee employs five members of staff, including the manager.

Contact Helena Farstad on 07813925782.

About Evergen:

Evergen Clean Air is a division of Evergen Systems Ltd – an environmental innovation company based in Maidenhead, Berkshire. The company invests significantly in the development and installation of solar energy technology and air purification systems.

For more information about Evergen’s innovations and technology, please visit Evergen’s “Media Q&A” page at https://evergensystems.com/media-qa/

Contact Helen Bailey, marketing manager, at helen@evergensystems.com

(Photography, by Martin Lea Photography / info@martinleaphotography.com / 07554006849.)