SurSol Hand Sanitiser – 50ml

Use any time anywhere with no need for towels or rinsing, SurSol’s non-drying antibacterial sanitising formula is alcohol free to leave your hands feeling refreshed, naturally moisturised without stickiness or any residues. Kills 99.9% of germs and is effective against all known forms of the influenza virus.



An instant hand sanitiser that kills 99.8% of all germs and known flu viruses. This alcohol free sanitiser is tested to kill Swine Flu, H1N1, Bird Flu H5N1, MRSA and the active ingredients have been tested positively for killing SARS and Norovirus. A water-based formulation unlike alcohol gels stops hands from drying out. SurSol also stays active for up to 4 hours on the skin, ensuring lasting protection.
Sursol™️ is water based with natural moisturisers (aloe vera & camomile) included in the formulation this makes it safe, non-toxic, non-poisonous, alcohol-free and ideal for use with at risk patients such as alcohol dependent persons, children and the elderly. Alcohol gels are known to dry the skin regardless of additional moisturisers. Extended use of alcohol sanitizers and extensive washing of the hands has been shown to lead to Irritable Contact Dermatitis (ICD). 85% of health care workers suffer from some form of ICD. As result up to 80% of health care workers in some settings do not apply a sanitizer as often as required by Infection Control. The British Medical Journal (BMJ) recommends the use of skin cleansers that do not de-fat skin or contain harsh abrasives. Most alcohol gels have at least 60% alcohol content and will de-fat skin with every use. ICD is now recognised as an occupational hazard for healthcare workers.
Sursol™️ is quat-based and continues to kill for up to 4 hours without reapplication. Alcohol is what is called a flash product and only works against germs when wet (which is about 15seconds) as soon as it dries out it STOPS WORKING. It has no residual germ-killing effect. Once alcohol has evaporated the germ killing action stops.

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