Active Ionisation air cleaning technology combined with advance airflow engineering. This technology is far more efficient than traditional air filters such as HEPA as these impede airflow. Evergen’s technology does not impede air flow, so are very low power consumption and there are no filters to change. PureAire systems can remove a variety of pollutants and odours

Developed at : Evergen Systems
Application : Inside commercial buildings & small outdoor areas
Evergen : Worldwide license Evergen Trade mark
Patented : In process
Status : In production now, Systems built to ISO 16890 standards (the very latest standard for air quality)


This is a highly innovative method for cleaning a polluted airstream using a reactive species of ozone. Adding ozone to a reaction surface above 40°C counters the pollution. In contrast to current technologies, the reaction surface is not a catalyst. It is therefore possible to use materials already known in the ventilation and construction industries.

Developed at : University of Copenhagen
Application : Industrial pollution and odours
Evergen : Worldwide license
Patented : Yes
Status : Solutions under development, expected 4Q 2018

The Future

As part of our relentless crusade for tackling urban air pollution are always on the lookout for promising innovations and technologies. We are in the process of licensing exciting new innovations.

Technology : passive ventilation filter using nanofibers
Application : Personal/in car air purifier for PMs
Developed at : Stanford University, USA
Patented : Yes
Status : Licensing in processEvergen worldwide
Technology : treatment of hot exhaust gases – NOx
Developed by : MIT, USA
Patented : Yes
Status : Licensing in processEvergen worldwide

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